Artbreeder Wiki

If you are a paid subscriber, you can use custom made genes made by you or other users with Create Genes , on all image categories except General Art At the bottom of your Edit Genes page, you will see an Add Gene button, this will let you pick custom genes previously saved for that image type. Custom Genes Gene picker On here you see a few of my own saved genes (the "Created" tab is selected). You can also see all genes or the most popular ones (trending)

After you pick a new gene, it will show on your top left

Image with "Edit Genes" selected and a few custom genes picked

Using the "medieval" gene on portraits

Every image above has been created applying custom genes to the larger original image. On the bottom row, you can see one I used the "Irathient" gene and on the middle row, left side you can see 2 images I used the "Vincent2" gene shown above. The middle row also has "funko2" and "funko" applied with positive and negative values. The top row has some genes from other users such as "Elf Baby", "neon" and "bloody". The crossed image was a crossbreed.